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Embryo Transfer

We are proud to bring our patients the highest quality veterinary services. One way that we do this is by offering embryo transfers.

Embryo transfers are done seven to nine days after your mare is bred. We will flush the blastocyst (early embryo) from your mare’s uterus and place it directly into the uterus of a recipient (surrogate) mare.

There are many advantages of this procedure. It allows your performance mare to continue with her sport, while still carrying on her legacy. We can also perform an embryo transfer several times on a single mare, allowing her to have more than one foal per year. Some mares struggle with pregnancy and an embryo transfer will allow you to still have a foal from her.

Embryo transfers can be a great way to grow your breeding program too!

Embryo transfers are safe and non-surgical. There does not seem to be any more risk with embryo transfers than with traditional pregnancies. Since the recipient mare has to be close in cycle with the bred mare, it is important to have more than one mare ready to use.

If you have any questions or are interested in getting started, please contact us today at (205) 669-9118.

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